Please follow this video it contains step by step instructions on how to change the address in your Troo Health account.

00:00: Welcome to this guide on how to change your address using Troohealthcare. Follow the steps below to update 00:00: your address information quickly and easily. 00:03: Open the personal menu. 00:07: Select the option for "My account". 00:11: Navigate to the "Addresses" section. 00:15: Choose the "Edit" option. 00:19: Select the address "21 Queens Drive". 00:23: Save the changes. 00:27: Add a new address. 00:31: In this guide, we covered the process of changing your address on Troohealthcare. By following the steps 00:31: provided, you can easily update your address information within the application.

Please ensure that  you have logged into your account.

Select the 'person' icon to enter your account details

Select 'Addresses'

Use the green pen icon to 'edit' the address

Change all details to the required address 

Click 'SAVE'