You can add a discount coupon code to your order in the shopping basket during checkout. To enter your shopping basket click on the basket icon at the top right of the screen and click 'Checkout'.

The 'Discount Code' section is underneath the order items to the left. Enter your code into the box and click 'Apply coupon'.

Once the coupon is applied you should be able to see it under the coupon box and there should be a financial adjustment in your order total.

What if the coupon has not been added?

If your coupon has not added to the order then please ensure:

  1. You have entered the coupon EXACTLY as it was given to you. If you have copied and pasted the coupon code be careful not to copy an extra black space either at the start or end as this blank space will be counted as a character and may cause the coupon not to work
  2. Check your coupon is valid - both in time and for the products you are orderings. Some coupons have an expiry date or are only valid for certain products or order values

If you continue to have problems please contact us.