We ship orders by the service selected during checkout. Full tracking is only available on orders that have selected a fully tracked service. For standard first and second class mail orders we share the 2D Royal Mail barcode which confirms shipment but is not tracked. The same applies for standard airmail orders.

If you wish to know delivery information related to your orders this can be found in 3 ways:

  1. Shipping Confirmation Email - we send out a shipping confirmation email when your order is shipped and delivery information can be found in this
  2. Your online account - if you have a registered account with us you can login and access your order history from your account page. Click on the hamburger menu to the right of the order you wish to check to access the full order details. 
  3. Contact us - if you are unsure please contact us.

What if you have been sent a tracking number for a non tracked service? 

As mentioned previously we share shipping codes for all our shipments via Royal Mail - whether tracked or non tracked. If your order has shipped by standard 1st class, 2nd class or airmail then a delivery number is associated with the shipment but it is NOT trackable. 

For 1st/2nd class mail this is quite a long code and might look something like this - 3209771890012C71C3DF9. For standard airmail the number might look like this - UH372532418GB.