Whilst we try to keep the most common allergen ingredients to a minimum some of our supplements do contain known allergens/intolerances. On each product page there is a 'Free From' section at the bottom of the description as per the image below. When you hover over each symbol it will explain what it means. This will tell you if the supplement is free from gluten, dairy etc. There is also an intolerance section on the back label of each supplement we send out. This will tell you if the product is unsuitable for any specific diets. 

Caution on label: there is a advisory note on our labels to make customers aware that our products are made in a factory which handles multiple ingredients - including some which are known allergens. This is advisory and is visible on most food items you buy. Our machines are thoroughly washed after each run and the chances of any cross-contamination should be pretty much non existent.  It does not mean the product actually contains these ingredients - it's just a note to say that they are handled in the factory. Any actual allergens within a product are highlighted in bold within the Intolerance advisory section.