To place an order online you simply need to browse our website, add items to your basket and then proceed through the 6 stages of the checkout process. There is an option to register an account (required for subscription orders or loyalty points) or checkout as a guest. For returning customers with a registered account you can login for faster ordering.

Add Items to Basket

To add an item to your basket just click the 'Add to Basket' button whilst on a product page of something you wish to order. 

When you add an item to your basket you are automatically taken to your shopping basket. At this stage you can either choose to 'checkout' or 'continue shopping' if there are other items you want to order. 

If you have a valid discount coupon you wish to use then you should enter it into the 'Enter your coupon here' box and click 'Apply coupon' before checking out.

If you decide to browse the site for a bit longer you can view your shopping basket and checkout at any time by click the basket icon at the top right of the screen.

The basket will open up on the screen to allow you to go to your basket and/or checkout. This is also a good time to remove an item from your basket if you need to - just click the 'x' next to the product name to remove any item from your order.

The Checkout Process

At the start of the checkout process you will be given an option of how you wish to checkout. Returning customers with a registered account can login. If you are a new customer then you have the option to register or checkout as a guest. 

Please note: Already registered customers can still checkout as a guest if they wish but any points accrued would not be added to their existing account if there has been no login.

Checkout Stage 1 - Billing Address

For new customers you will need to enter your billing details as per the form below. Existing customers will see a dropdown button from which they can select any addresses already in their account. When you have entered all of the information required click 'continue'.

Checkout Stage 2 - Shipping Address

This is the address you want your goods delivered to. If it is the same as your billing address then you can just leave the dropdown selected on your existing address. If the delivery address is different then click on the dropdown and select 'New Address'. You will now need to enter the details and click 'Continue' when done.

Checkout Stage 3 - Shipping Method

Depending on your delivery address and what you have ordered you will be presented with the available delivery options. For UK orders we offer free 1st class mail (we may be change to courier for large orders if they are over the Royal Mail weight). Choose your preferred method and click 'continue'.

Checkout Stage 4 - Payment Method

You can now select how you want to pay - either using Paypal or by credit/debit card. If you select PayPal and click 'Continue' you will be taken to a screen to login to your PayPal account and once you have confirmed payment will return to the website at Checkout Stage 6.

If you wish to pay by card then click on the 'Credit/Debit Card' option and then click 'Continue'. You will now see the screen below in which you will need to enter your card details. 

Checkout Stage 5 - Enter Payment Details

Please enter your card details and click 'Confirm card details'.

After clicking 'Confirm card details' you might be taken to a 3D card security screen if your payment card has extra security protection. Please complete this. Once done you will automatically proceed to stage 6 of checkout.

Checkout Stage 6 - Confirm Order

This is the final stage of the order process. To complete your order check the order details and then click on the green 'Confirm Order' button to complete the transaction.

Your order should be now complete and you will see the final order confirmation page displaying your new order number. You should also receive an order confirmation email shortly afterwards.

If you have any problems throughout the process please submit a support ticket and let us know what issues you are having and at what part of the order process.