When you order supplements with private label it is very important that you order the private label version for supplements you have labels for. The private label versions are easily identifiable by the fact that they have 'Private/White Label' written in the product name. 

Login to your trade account first so that you have access to all trade products. Lets say you want to order Vitamin D3 5000iu in your own label. In your trade account there are 2 vitamin D3 5000iu options:

1. Vitamin D3 5000iu 365 Capsules: if you order this you will be sent Vitamin D3 with Troo Health Care label on it.

2. Vitamin D3 5000iu 365 Capsules - Private/White Label: if you order this you will be sent Vitamin D3 with your own brand label on it. This is the one you need to order for private label.

The easiest way to order everything you need quickly is to use the 'All Products A-Z' page. This is accessible from the main menu bar on any page of the website. You can also go straight to it through this link - http://www.troohealthcare.com/t-allproducts.aspx. 

On the A-Z page you can just scroll down an alphabetical list of products and add the quantity you need into the quantity box beside each product. Once you have added each one you then just click on one of the 'Add to Basket' buttons which are located at both the top and the bottom of the page. 

The advantage of using the A-Z page is that it is quick and also has the SKU for each product listed beside the name. The label files we send you are named by SKU so you can see that you ordering the correct SKU for the labels you have. Using vitamin D3 as an example the SKU for this is PL-410. If you have a label file named PL-410 then you can make sure you order from SKU PL-410 on the A-Z page. See attached screenshot demonstrating this.